Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Hey there, I'm coming for updating my bloggie. I guess I can be an active blogger until the next exam approaching. That will be a huge exam, but I think I will keep on depraving. Until I leave it, the abnormal class. So what I am going to talk about? Hmmp, I was spending my afternoon with my girls and think about it seriously. LIFE. Why I will be so sensibility today? I just pass through a worse day for me and it makes me change perhaps. But anyway, I have to show something to you guys before I start it. 
Can you figure out what's so special ? Hmpp, actually this picture is nothing special but if you observe it engrossing, you will found that no matter you read it start from front or back, you will get the same sentence at last. But what do you think about if you bring this concept into your life? I don't think it will work in my life. I guess I will get different consequence if I change the matter I used. Just like how I treat a people and how the people will treat me then. 

I 'm wondering that isn't it I treat HIM too bad at the past? So he treats me like this now. I keep telling myself don't think too much my lil Momo. But so sorry, I just can't control myself to think about the thing that happened so out of sudden. Totally ruined my mood. Can you imagine how awkward I'm? Completely speechless. I know it's over, I can just let it go, never treat him as a friend just like how he done to me and close the file because I solved a problem. Yet, I don't think so. I keep thinking about why? why? why? Because it really puzzling me. I guess many peoples are so dislike me, but I never conjecture, out of expect. He do. 

But no matter how, it's a fact and I will accept. A dozen of friends doesn't mean anything, but a true friend means everything. Moreover, he never treats me as a friend.

I was smiling everyday, if you guess I'm happy everyday. Then you're radically wrong. 

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