Friday, 18 March 2011

Holiday Pt.4

HI is time to update about the part four of my holiday. 16/3 Wednesday, and also the last day EeInn stay with us. She was going back in this day.I cried. I was so reluctant, you will not know how was my feeling when I saw my beloved get into the bus and then disappear. We will be separate for a long time again. We went to Queensbay because she was going back by Aeroline, which office is locate in Queensbay. I bought some shirt @ Forever 21 and Brand's outlet on that day. Jo was interested with a dress, the dress is nice but dear. Then we were going back after we all done our shop, us means me, Kuan Yew and Zhen Chao, HAHA!
#Early in the morning, we met @ BM plaza. Lol 
# In the bus, credit to JO.
# Girls, I love you lotsa.
#Erhem .. *cough*
#Me and Kuan Yew.
#Xiawen and Eeinn.
# *cough* again. HAHA!
#On the ferry.
 # Would you mind to slap her? I dont mind! HAHA.
#Blog Owner.
# This crazy lady shouted and wanted to snap photo with the JB which paste on the bus. 

#Reached Queens and firstly headed to lunch @ a Japanese restaurant. Its name too long. I always can't to bear it in mind even we will take our meal at there every time we went there.

#The noodles was hot and spicy! 
#Then, we met Zishan, Elson, Kelvin and his Girlf. EeInn lady was so excited when she saw YiJing *sorry I dont know how to spell her name* because they're primary schoolmate. I told you, she's so nature and friendly to all of the peoples.

 #Cam whoring again inside the fitting room @ Forever 21.

#And then, we're cam whoring again inside the toilet before my EeInn lady gone.

#EeInn & ZhenChao the pro photographer.
 #EeInn and the lil Kuan Yew.
 #He likes my bag!

 # She said she wanted to bring along chat time to accompany her on her way to back home.

#She's putting her luggage and prepare to leave *Tears*

 #She cried, and so I do.
 # Good Bye my cow EeInn lady. I miss you, non-stop.
# Before we back, we went for brand's outlet for hunting some shirt. Simple and nice one.

 #JO said I look cool in this post, HOHO!
好吧 打到這裡 我也有一點想哭的感覺 看回前幾天和EeInn lady在一起的照片 我禁不住又在想念她 當她在的時候 我一直埋怨她 說她害我 晚上一直吃 說她害我 口袋破洞 山窮水盡 但是老實說 如果能讓她留下 我寧願每天陪她吃宵夜 每天陪她去逛街 一起躲進一間更衣室裏面一起換衣 然後看看穿起來好不好看 一起在一間房間 批評黃嘉雯 穿得很隨便 像是去補習 一起三更半夜吃TOMYAM PORRIDGE 然後 爲了一塊HOTDOG夾來夾去 丟來丟去 過後一直取笑黃嘉雯 我們以取笑別人為樂 還整天說 我是矮的肥 你是高的肥 還一邊走路一邊唱歌 : 肩並肩 手牽手 我們一起去郊遊 。今晚 我又再想你了 親愛的 我愛你 很多 很多 

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