Saturday, 26 March 2011

When I was young.

Hi readers, it's weekend so I make more time to update my bloggie. Just now Chariya was show me a link and I was shocked and laugh non-stop after I viewed it. It's my friendster's link. A dozen of annoying photos appear in front of me. For entertainment. LOL

So, are you guys ready to watch it? Don't shock and don't scream! Even it really scary and horror.

#I really dont understand why I will like to magnified my eyes in the past. Don't you think it looks like a bitch?

 #Oh my god? Because I was looking at myself, so I shouted oh my god!

 #My hair is so short! Oh no, I don't have a well past. Lol
 #Don't misunderstand please! He's my friend, all the time, Ok?

 #Hmmp, it's so convenient as no need to wear a spec but Meitu do!

 #I like to put on wig when I was young, look so ridiculous!

That's my past. I was already so coquettish when I was young. HAHA! Everyone have their past, don't hate it. Just appreciate it because the past make you stronger and tougher. 

Hmmp, now was 8:41 and I was blogging with my laptop with battery. Why? Don't forget today is 26th of MARCH! It's earth hour. Turn off your lights and lend your hand to our earth, the only earth.Do love her and appreciate her. She gives us everything she has. Thus, human. Don't be selfish for helping her with just turn off your lights for 1 HOURS, 60 MINUTES! My family is in to protect her, how about you? 

You can choose not to support this activity, but before that please think about what is happening recently. Non-stop earthquakes was happening, and those countries are so nearby us! Earth is mad, she is sick. Help her, and don't to hurt her.

Love our earth mommy, like how you love yourself. XOXO

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