Friday, 11 March 2011

Exam Kills

Hey readers, I was neglected my bloggie for such a long time. Fyi, Exam was finally play off! So it's holiday and party time. Eeinn will coming back on this sunday, which means 13th March. Can't wait for her approaching! I just dont know how to describe what am I feeling nao, fly like a G6! So, how was your result huh? I'm still satisfy with my result, especially ADDMATH! I got an A for it. I feel so good with it. And sejarah too. I wish I could get an A for it because I spent my whole sunday to fight against with this horror scary subject. 

# Messy table. Lol.
#Can you imagine what will I be after the silly exam? Yes, you are right. FATTY!
#My motivation to fight, Aarif!
#Thanks zhenlin for helping us in SEJ!
#But, cellphones cheer me up! TEEHEE!

Stop my post here, wait for my post for my holidays! XOXO

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