Friday, 25 March 2011


Hola, just a random post here. Just blog about anything due to my sudden-inspiration. So, today was friday again. The only thing that can cheer me up? Perhaps. I'm not emo, yet, I just don't have any happiness. But anyway, I'll show you guys something . And I wish you guys will seriously like it because, I do.

#From Ashley Lau's. I love to view her blog as she will not neglect her blog. & I wish she will life together with Boyf entire life!

Okay, skip that. I was talking about something not so well or maybe can known as bad when recess time with my girls. Erm, don't ask me what. But my girl, what I have to advice you is. I don't know whether you are changing now or not. But if you really do, then just change it back. No one will give you any cold shoulder, if you do to make some change. Change to better is a benefit to you, no harm. They're right perhaps? Take their advice. In this century, everyone are making changes to get into their friend's life huh. You know they got prejudice to you, so. Don't do anything that anger them. Tolerate is the most important condition to build a perfect friendship. It's just a commence, you should try to ameliorate your weakness. Yet, not try to gloss any wrong you have done.  I didn't dislike you, because when I treat you as a friend, I do it sincerely. Thus, I wish you can be better. God bless my dear. 

I was looking for a new phone now. Because I gotta sell my silly BlackBerry soon. Any idea to Samsung Galaxy Ace? I need your assist so badly now! 

Thanks for your reading! XOXO.

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