Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Time flies.

Hey people. Time flies, like just one blink then 2011 is going to the end, 2 days more. The last 2 days! What should I do :(
So, what did you people really done in 2011? For me, like nothing. No better academic no better boy no more money BUT I really have a lot of friends which is the only thing that can cheer me up every time when I was low in deep down! Friends really play the most important role in my life.
Anyway, 2011 did well to me in some department too. Like I hang out with friends almost everyday, vacation with family, shopping, camp and so on. Shopping was like the biggest thing to encourage people for stay living. Lol. However, speaking about love. No gain but pain a lot. Like an idiot. GOD, WHY U NO INVENT A GPS FOR LOVE. I feel tired for finding lover or real man stuffs, sometime. When I was full with confidence to step forward, then hurts again WHY! Totally unfair. Every single time, walked around and saw a lot of sweet couples that's how suffer! Even though I've already used to it. for years. Still suffer. Fine. FML. Btw, single has its own benefits also ok! Don't look down to we girls who are STILL single.  I'm pretty sure we can find a BETTER man in the future! *self-comforting*
11 MONTHS MORE TO SPM, DON'T PLAY PLAY. Time why gone so fast. I haven't really know about what was form4 studies talking about. Wish me luck for the next year WISH ME MANY MANY LUCK PLEASE!
Just a very random simple post. WISH I CAN FIND A BOYFIE IN 2012. GO-GO-GO!

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