Sunday, 4 December 2011


 Hey people. My blog have been neglected for quite a long time huh? Hehe, no worries cause I'm alive again! *I wish I've* It is kinda late for me to say hello to DECEMBER, but I still have to say.
 Hi December, which also mean that 2011 is going to the end.  Seriously, I definitely did nothing which is in my wish list that I've been set for this year. I had the worst results for my high school life, I spent a lot of money. But, I've met a lot of new friends especially Weng Koh, that FAN CHIONG!! Haha. December, a wonderful month ever for the whole year. Please, be kind.

Google chrome offered a web store for its user. Have you noticed that? It is really convenience, especially for the users like me, lazy. *grin* You can download everything you want in there. Games, photography apps, social network, tools, or anything. Give yourself a shot, check this out!

Lastly, end up my post with my favorite Christmas songs! ;)

 Good night :)

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