Tuesday, 18 January 2011


*ignore me, i look so fucking ugly. Lol.
Hi readers, blogging time again. I had neglected my bloggie for a couple of weeks. Do I? Think so. Today is a very harsh day for me. But I'm not going to say anything here, because there is nothing worth to say about it. Okay, so I will first talk about vogue today. Why? Because cny is coming soon and so many peoples are vexing about their new year clothe. So I would like to do some introduction here as a reference for you guys who is still puzzling about your new year clothe.

# you can try some casual look with simple NIKE shirt. I'm currently enamored with it.

#New arrivlas from Forever21, feel to grab all of it home! *ps:/ I have just upload apart of it only.

#DKNY, casual but gorgeaous look.

Ok skip that. I would like to use mandarin for my next topic.

親愛的陳禎霖 我不知道你現在有什麽感覺 *因為你沒有回我信息 哈* 但是無論如何 請你永遠記得 我們是好姐妹 有什麽事情 都別隱瞞 有什麽事情 我們一起擔當 有什麽事情 我們一起解決 想哭的時候 我們的肩膀永遠都屬於你 想笑的時候 我們的笑聲也可以送給你 想吃的時候 我們可以一起吃得痛快 不管什麽事情 我希望 我們姐妹 可以幫到你 希望你永遠快樂 我愛你 <3

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