Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dream Country.

I guess all of your guys have a dream country in your mind, a country that you wish to go since young, a country you rather spend your life time at there. I've no exception too. There's a country I wish to go since I was in primary school, U.S.A. Yea, I always imagine that someday I will have a job in California. When it is holiday I will hold my man's hand and travel around the Los Angeles. If I'm enough wealthy, I will squander my money at New York. I've such fabulous wishes since young. Yet, it's not a so-easy-come-true wishes, unless I make effort on my study from now on. *TEEEHEEE* Unfortunately I'm still in front of the lappie yet starting study. Lol. 

California, I believe many of you know where is it, since Katy Perry sang it. "California girl". 

I wish I can pay a visit at there, and I guess I will never come out anymore, HAHA!

 How great if I could see this with my own eyes, not from those pictures. 

Or, any entertainments will do. 

Los Angeles. In 'Startruck' , movie from Disney. The actors mentioned that it is the most beautiful city for him.  Yea, it really do. And it is also a part from California. Los Angeles has also include the famous tourist attractions, Hollywood. 

New York, The canggih-est city? HAHA. And, I missed out a part of United State of America that is also a place I wanna visit to, Hawaii. 

The New York.

The Hawaii.

I'm going to dream about my dream country, I bet it would be a sweet dream. XOXO

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