Saturday, 28 August 2010

Current song : Without you - Mariah Carey ♥

# 08/27
A lovely guest came back from KL ! Okay please claps loudly to welcome back EeInnTan .
But I think she is already going home now LOL
Miss her sososo deeply and madly and so finally she's back ♥
We went to sunway that day and give her huge suprice . I think she is shock about we had arrange for her ! Yuhoooo ~ :D
But firstly , should thanks Lin's mum to fetch us to sunway * Thanks pretty baby chin XD
We did a card for her ! * But i forget to snap it sorry dear readers )':
And , what's going on ? Just let the story speak ! x)
Heeee ;D view my facebook and take a look ! :)!/album.php?aid=28976&id=100000502587287

So gotta leave . Bye :)

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  1. 第二张黑白照片显的你很憔悴~~要好好休息咯~~~