Thursday, 20 October 2011

Leisure Days.

Exam's gone and I'm having every-leisure-days to go. HK drama-marathon as a daily activity when I skip school. Kinda enjoy the days like this, than those freaky days when I was struggling for the exam. But, an over leisure day is gaining weight for me. How sad to see my belly's popping out! Urgghh I don't want it ;(

Watched Monte Carlo at the afternoon. Pretty awesome! Uhm, I know I was kinda late to watch it, but seriously, honestly, frankly and believe me! It is really nice. Rate: 4/5 Yes! Go to and search for it. You won't be regret.

By the way, a co-star from the movie looked so damn HOT !! 
Pierre Boulanger, a French. 

End by a song, Welcome to my life-simple plan ;)

Good night people, xoxo.

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