Saturday, 3 September 2011

Music Life.

Good morning readers. Today is the last day of holiday, kinda reluctant to back school! Currently locate myself in the music ocean. Singing with friends everyday, and make me feel so amazing. That's why I'm blogging today. I gotta take the opportunity to recommend some of the songs to you guys. They're fabulous!

Pumped up kicks-Foster the people. I was in love with this band. They're great! 
I'll be your man-James Blunt. Recommended by Wanyin. Quite a nice song. 
California King bed-Rihanna. I love the rhythm of the song. It heals me.
Move like a jagger-Maroon5 Nice with those melodies. 
I'm into you-Jennifer Lopez ft.Lil Wayne. I've got a Jen fever currently!
I wanna go- Britney Spears Britney always play a nice song!

Enjoy the music people! Have a nice day xo.

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