Friday, 4 November 2011

Stars day.

Hi people, how are you doing? Is time to update my blog again. I went to Queensbay last Sunday by WayMeen's car with her, her sister, Arr wen and Xiawen. Met at McD after our breakfast! It was a hectic yet glad day. So, the reason why we headed to Queensbay was BOSCO WONG! My favorite actor since he acted Ye Man Lai Lai. After that we were going to Auto City for Aaron Yan. But, due to he's really not our thing. So we stay at Starbucks and "playing cards" Haha. Btw, chocolate cream chips is awesome! So let pix talk!

ps: Spot the red circle. The iPad was so annoying. We can't snapped nice, perfect photos because of his appearance!

 Group photo of girls!

 Bumped into Joe! He's so nice :)
 Cards at Starbucks. Haha.

Good night, xo.

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