Saturday, 31 July 2010

I'm recently addicted on a movie with name : 個人取向The main character of this movie is what most attract me to watch it - LeeMinHo :)
He's really drive me crazy on him . He's sososososo handsome OMG ! :P
And , also the actress SonYeJin . She looks nice ;]
So just take a watch on it ! :D

And , The movie I most wish to watch in this year : SALTThe main actress is my beloved idol - AngelinaJolie ;Gotta watch this asap ! :]

S K I P ;

Went St . Anne yesterday @ 11 . Abit late but whatever :D
Meet lots of human there . HAHA XD .
Handsome NgYongQiang ; your name is here .
Willing ? x)
So gotta end up my post ; bye earth ♥
Pee/ss : Trial is coming soon ! Just make an all-out effort babe :)

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