Saturday, 24 July 2010

The trial is coming soon . I dont know what do I feel now .
Stress ?
I think I should .
Today have a extra tuition @ school . I realize my geography is really out of the standard !
Am I really a student who is waiting to fight with the PMR monster ?
Hesitate .
Pacific again yest .
Watched The sorcerer's apprentice .
Who are interested to the magic mov like HarryPotter should also take a watch at this movie !
A pretty nice one ;]
Just feel to blog on my new bloggie :)
But , that's to tell no special story :P

Leave :)
By momo ♥

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  1. 有看哈利波特啊~~有从1看到6吗??如果没有的话我可以考给你看咯~~~